A downloadable mod for Windows

SOAP SOUP is a mod for SOUP 0.91, an obscure Japanese minimalist art-game from 2007 where you walk around a series of small abstract rooms and generally soak in the atmosphere.

Think of it as a sort of digital art gallery.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

Includes guest rooms by AgentRedJackalAmon26, Ivan Zanotti, Nikki Kalpa, Quinn K., Dream's Bell, and lazugod.

Additional music and SFX by Pheener.

Updated 12 days ago
CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorKite Line
TagsAbstract, artgame, Atmospheric, Experimental, First-Person, Minimalist, Singleplayer, Surreal, Walking simulator, weird
Average sessionA few minutes


soapsoup.zip 91 MB

Install instructions

All needed files are included, so all you have to do is extract the ZIP file and launch soup.exe.


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What is the background track for night 3, room 3?
Sounds very familiar

The room order is somewhat randomized so I'm not exactly sure which room you're talking about. Chances are it's the Jack Horkheimer room.

Thanks for playing!

Oh they are randomized? That's something you would never know without replaying! In that case I meant the room where an overlay reads "keep looking up". The room has a grass floor, space walls and an upside down dude sitting in a chunk of what looks like Saturn rings.

The song used for that room is linked in the above post.

Otherwise if you came here from the Vinesauce video then they had to change the music during that room due to a copyright claim by whatever soulless record company legally owns Tomita's music nowadays. The replacement music they used is in the video's description.

on the topic of music, whats the music for ruaroom02? i love it

That entire room is by Quinn K.

Good catch. Now I feel silly, didn't even know it was edited at all. That's what I get for watching on my phone, on PC I have descriptions unfolded by default. Then again, it was so seamless I had no reason to believe it was edited. I blame John. 


That was a good soup wash. Thank you for having me!


It was an honor to bathe you.